Hi! I am Trym...

I am a software developer from Norway, with specialization in game development. I have a particular keen interest in network programming and multiplayer. Although I enjoy working on most technical aspects of both games and other systems.

I am a co-founder of the indie game company Sharp Raccoon, where I hold the role as the CTO.

Here you can explore some of the projects I have worked on, from video games to graphics engines to other interesting bits and pieces.

If you have any questions or would just like a chat, feel free to contact me.

Some of my projects

Rules of Robots
Local and online multiplayer game developed in Unreal Engine

A 2-4 player creative arena brawler currently under development by my indie game company Sharp Raccoon.

Exiles of Eternity
Online multiplayer game developed in Unreal Engine

A magic themed Battle Royale RPG developed over the span of 5 months with a team of two.

3D Game Engine
Custom 3D game engine developed from scratch in C++

A 3D game engine developed over the span of 4 weeks by two programmers, using libraries such as OpenGL and SFML.

Ray Tracing
Ray tracing graphics engine developed in C#

A ray tracing based graphics engine supporting different tracing methods such as whitted ray tracing, monte-carlo path tracing and photon mapping.

Proficient with

.. and experienced with

  • Network Programming
    Real-time multiplayer, back-end, server programming
  • Low-level Graphics Programming
  • Computer Vision
    Object recognition, scene reconstruction, video tracking
  • Microsoft Azure & PlayFab
  • Web development
  • Shader Programming
  • Ray Tracing
    Monte-carlo path tracing, whitted ray tracing, photon mapping
  • Machine Learning
    Neural networks, deep learning, TensorFlow
  • VR/AR
  • Agile Methodologies

Other projects

Previous personal projects and student projects I have worked on


Zhang Space

Online multiplayer game developed in Unreal Engine

An online space combat shooter set in a large arena where up to six players fight against each other until the last man standing.


Bot Brawl

Local multiplayer game developed in Unity

A fast paced, 2-4 player arena brawler where bullets bounce endlessly!



Online multiplayer game developed in Unreal Engine

A shooter with a twist developed during a 48-hour game jam.


Track Attack

Game developed in Unity

A driving game where your mission is to defeat an alien race trying to colonize human territory.


Light Bulb

Game developed in Unreal Engine

A game that focuses on teaching children about different energy sources and their benefits/drawbacks, developed for the Dutch museum, Oyfo.


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